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Training course "Modelling of business processes with an open source BPM suite"

Part 1, Theory of BPM/SOA

0   Introduce myself and planning

1   Concepts BPM & SOA

    • Exercise: Your company maturity level now and desired

2   Related concepts

    • Exercise: How the BPM system will change your working habits?

3   Some standards, tools, etc.

    • Exercise: Do you use other IT abbreviations & buzzwords?

4   Architecting your system

    • Exercise: A big picture for you company

Part 2, Introducing an open source BPM suite

5   Introduce an open source BPM suite

    • Parts of the BPM suite
    • Manipulations in the BPMN Designer
    • Full run

6   Typology of artefacts

    • Exercises: Describe BPM artefacts for your project(s)

Part 3, Initial modeling

7    BPMN constructs

    • Learn the BPMN symbols and its usage
    • The core set
    • The complete set
    • Initial skeleton
    • Exercises: modeling of simple cases

8    BPMN Diagramming style and patterns

    • A few examples of difficult diagrams
    • WF patterns
    • Some practical patterns
    • Exercises: modeling of some patterns
    • Discussion of recommendations from other specialists (Bruce Silver)
    • BPMN review from AU

9    BPMN Advanced features in the open source BPM suite

    • Human tasks
    • Sub-processes
    • External services

Part 4, Practical modeling

10   Modeling procedure

11   Practical modeling (including client's processes)

Part 5, Workshops (optional)

Assisted modeling and execution of clients examples by the participants



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